Robot use in EU countries (2017)

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Share (%) of people that have used or currenty use a robot at home or at work (2017)


The country analysis shows that at least one in five respondents in Denmark (28%), Luxembourg (24%), Belgium (22%), The Czech Republic, Austria and Italy (all 20%) have used or currently use a robot at home, work or elsewhere. This compared to 2% in Greece, 3% in Bulgaria and 4% in Cyprus. 

Robot use at home is highest in Luxembourg (20%), Italy (16%) and Denmark (14%), and lowest in Greece (1%), Bulgaria, Cyprus and Lithuania (all 2%). Denmark is the only country where at least one in ten respondents use a robot at work (14%), compared to 1% in Greece and Bulgaria.

Since 2014, the past or current use of robots generally has increased most in Denmark (+9 pp), Belgium and Luxembourg (both +7 pp) and Germany (+5 pp), while the largest decreases are observed amongst respondents in Poland (-6 pp) and Lithuania (-5 pp).

The largest increase in the use of robots at home is observed amongst those in Luxembourg (+8 pp) and Denmark (+6 pp), while the largest decline is observed in Poland (-5 pp). The largest increase in the use of robots at work is observed in Denmark (+5 pp) and the largest decline in the United Kingdom (-4 pp).


The socio-demographic analysis illustrates the following:

§ Those aged 55+ are the least likely to have used a robot at home, work or elsewhere (9% vs. 17%-19%).

§ The longer respondents remained in education, the more likely they are to have used a robot: 7% who finished school aged 15 or younger have done so, compared to 18% with the highest education levels.

§ The more often a respondent uses the Internet, the more likely they are to have used a robot: 17% of daily users have done so, compared to 6% who never use the Internet

source: Eurobarometer 460

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