Global Entrepreneurship Index 2018

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2018 Global Entrepreneurship Index rankings


The Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (The GEDI Institute) is the leading research organization advancing knowledge on the relationship between entrepreneurship, economic development, and prosperity. The Institute, headquartered in Washington D.C., was founded by leading entrepreneurship scholars from George Mason University, the University of Pécs, Imperial College London and the London School of Economics. The Institute’s flagship project is the Global Entrepreneurship Index (GEI), a breakthrough advance in measuring the quality and dynamics of entrepreneurship ecosystems at a national and regional level. The GEI methodology, on which the data in this report is based, has been validated by rigorous academic peer review and has been widely reported in the media, including in The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Forbes. The Institute’s research has been funded by the European Union, The World Bank and major corporations and banks around the world.

Europe rankings 2018







source: GEDI – 2018 GEI


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