European Job Quality Index

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European Job Quality Index (2015)

The European Job Quality Index (JQI) is a multidimensional measure of the quality of jobs across the 28 EU Member States. The Index takes a broad perspective on the characteristics of work and assesses jobs in six dimensions: (1) wages; (2) forms of employment and job security; (3) working time and work-life balance; (4) working conditions; (5) skills and career development; and (6) collective interest representation.

Each of these six dimensions, in turn, is comprised of a large number of individual indicators derived from the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS), the EU Labour Force Survey (LFS) and the database on the Institutional Characteristics of Trade Unions, Wage Setting, State Intervention and Social Pacts (ICTWSS). A detailed description of the items used to calculate each of the dimensions of the JQI is presented in the Annex (Table A1), together with the weighting of the components of each dimension. The overall JQI is an unweighted average of the six dimensions listed above.


Working conditions in 2015, by country and sector of economic activity

source: ETUI – European Job Quality Index 2005-2015

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