Greeks do not consider themselves as European citizens

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Feeling like a citizen of the European Union: national results

Seven in ten Europeans feel that they are citizens of the EU (70%, +2 percentage points since spring 2017). This is the first time since spring 2010 that this indicator has reached the 70% threshold.

As in spring 2017, a majority of respondents feel they are citizens of the EU in 27 Member States, with the highest scores in Luxembourg (90%), Spain (88%) and Malta (85%). Scores are also over 80% in Germany (82%), Portugal, Finland and Ireland (81% in all three countries).

Though this opinion is still held by a majority, this feeling is less widespread in Italy (54%), the United Kingdom (55%), the Czech Republic (56%) and Bulgaria (56%). As in spring 2017, Greece is the only country where a majority of respondents feel that they are not citizens of the EU (52% “no”, vs. 48% “yes”).

Since spring 2017, the feeling of EU citizenship has increased in 14 Member States, and most spectacularly in Spain (88%, +13 percentage points). It remains unchanged in six countries, and has decreased in eight, but by no more than three percentage points.

source: Eurobarometer 88

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