Road fatality rates in 2017 (per million inhabitants)

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The EU road safety situation in 2017

Road fatality rates in 2017 (per million inhabitants)

The road safety situation differs widely between Member States. Some of them report substantial progress, while others are still performing significantly below the EU average. However, the gap between the worst- and the best-performing EU Member States has been narrowing year after year. In 2017, none of the Member States registered a fatality rate higher than 100 deaths per million inhabitants, and eight of them recorded a fatality rate lower than 40 deaths per million inhabitants.

In 2017, the EU’s best road-safety performers were Sweden (25), the UK (27), the Netherlands (31), Denmark (32), Estonia (36) and Ireland (33).

On the other hand, the highest fatality rates were registered in Romania (98) and Bulgaria (96), followed by Croatia (80).

From the beginning of the decade, the highest drops in the number of road deaths were recorded in Greece (-41%), Estonia (-39%), Latvia (-38%) and Lithuania (-36%). The EU average decrease was 20%. In 2017, on average only about 8% of road fatalities occurred on motorways; 37% happened in urban areas and 55% on rural roads.

■ In 2017, 25300 people lost their lives on EU roads.

■ This means a 2% decrease in the number of road deaths compared to the previous year.

■ Between 2010 and 2017, the number of road deaths decreased by 20%, so 6200 fewer people died on the roads last year than in 2010.

■ The EU road fatality rate in 2017 was the lowest ever with 49 dead per million inhabitants.

■ In 2017, countries with the lowest number of road deaths per million inhabitants were Sweden (25), the UK (27), the Netherlands (31), Denmark (32), Ireland (33) and Estonia (36).

■ Countries with the weakest  road safety records were Romania (98), Bulgaria (96) and Croatia (80).

■ In 2017, eight EU countries recorded a fatality rate below 40 deaths per million inhabitants and 26 countries below 80 deaths per million inhabitants.

source: Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (European Commission)

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