Do Europeans think they have equal opportunities for getting ahead in life?

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The majority of respondents think that life is fair and that they have equal opportunitiesfor getting ahead, but they are less certain about the equal application of justice and of political decisions in their country.

Once again it is respondents in Denmark, Sweden (both 81%), Ireland and Finland (both 80%) whoare the most likely to agree with the statement that nowadays in their country they have equal opportunities for getting ahead in life.

Those in Greece (18%), Croatia (29%) andBulgaria (32%) are the least likely to agree.Respondents in Sweden (44%) and Denmark (43%) are much more likely to strongly agree thanthose in other countries, and particularly respondents in Greece (1%) and Croatia (3%). There are 4 countries where respondents are most likely to disagree: Greece (59%), Cyprus (49%), Croatia (46%) and Bulgaria (41%). Respondents in Greece (23%), Croatia (18%), Bulgaria and Cyprus (both 14%) are the most likely to strongly disagree. In Romania respondents are equally likely to agree or disagree (both 38%). In ten countries, at least one in five respondents neither agree nor disagree, with those in Slovakia (32%), the Czech Republic (28%) and Hungary (26%) the most likely to say this.

source: Eurobarometer 471 – April 2018

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