NEET rate by country and by age (2016)

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NEET rate by country and by age (2016)

NEET refers to young people that are ‘not in employment, education or training’. In the EU28, more than one in ten young persons aged 15-24 (11.6%) and nearly one in five aged 25-29 (18.8%) fell into this group in 2016.

The NEET rate for the younger age group was the highest in Italy (19.9%), Bulgaria (18.2%) and Romania (17.4%), and the lowest in the Netherlands (4.6%), Luxembourg 5.4%) and Denmark (5.8%) (Figure 2.13). In  each EU country, the risk of being outside of education and employment was higher for young adults, aged 25-29, than for the younger group, aged 15-24. By far the worst outcome was noted in Greece, with one in three young adults (33.5%) falling into the NEET category.

The NEET rate for the EU increased steeply after 2008, reaching its highest point in 2012 (13.2% for the 15-24 age group) (Figure 2.14). It then started to recover, but in 2016 was still above the 2008 level. The gender gap in the NEET rate narrowed substantially after 2008, due to much higher increases among young men, but in the recent period the gap widened again.


Change in NEET rate (2008-2016)


source: Eurostat [yth_empl_150]

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