Cost of beer around the world

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Here’s how much it costs to grab a beer around the world

Deutsche Bank analysts collected data on the prices of various services for a recent report to clients. Among them, they included how much it costs to get a beer (500 mL or 1 pint) in a neighbourhood pub in an expat area of a given city in 2017.

Beers are the cheapest in Prague, Czech Republic ($US1.30), Johannesburg, South Africa ($US1.70), and Lisbon, Portugal ($US2.00). On the flip side, they are the most expensive in Oslo, Norway ($US9.90), Singapore ($US9.00), and Hong Kong ($US7.70).

As for American cities, New York City was the most expensive, with the average beer costing $US7.40. Boston wasn’t too far behind, at $US7.20.

Check out the full list below.

source: Business Insider


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